Aug 7, 2013

Lifestyle Changes for Those with High Blood Pressure

When you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure you will need to make a complete lifestyle change to ensure that you have the best quality of life possible. High blood pressure or hypertension is a chronic health condition that millions of people from all around the world struggle with but with a few changes and the right medication it can be controlled safely.

If you tend to have high blood pressure more than likely you will need some type of medication to help control it. Your physician will try you out on a specific medication and dosage to determine if this is right for you. If the medication helps to keep it regulated then this is what you will stay on but since everyone is different you may have to try out different medications until they find the one that can help to keep it at a safe level. Some people may require more than one medication so there is no way to determine exactly what your physician will recommend for you.

A healthy lifestyle change is a must for those that are struggling with high blood pressure so in addition to the medication you will need to eat right, exercise and cut out bad habits and stress.  You should start by cutting out greasy, fatty foods that are fried and has too many calories and is considered junk food. Your doctor may recommend that you see a dietician to help with meal planning and to show you exactly what foods should be eaten to help control and improve your high blood pressure. Typically your diet should include vegetables, fruits and low fat dairy which will help to reduce your salt and saturated fat intake. You will definitely need to decrease your sodium intake with your new healthy diet.

In addition to eating right you need to exercise if possible. This will help to relieve stress and keep you at a healthy weight. If you are able to you can do low impact exercises such as cycling, walking or even swimming to help stay in shape. Your doctor may give you a stress test and recommend what types of exercises that you should do to help keep your weight under control. The heavier that you are the more strain that it puts on your body including your heart and other vital organs which is not really safe.  Exercise helps to keep your arteries smooth and elastic and working properly which will push the blood flow through to your heart and other vital organs.

Other things that you should consider cutting out or at least down on is alcohol consumption and smoking. Both of these can have an impact on your body and may affect your high blood pressure causing the levels to increase.

Getting plenty of rest and cutting out anything that causes stress is a must for those that suffer from high blood pressure. There are sleep disorders which are often associated with high blood pressure such as sleep apnea so keeping regular checkups and discussing any sleep problems with your doctor is a must. Avoid activities or people that cause you stress because you are working towards living a healthier lifestyle so once you decide to make the change you need to go the entire way to ensure that you live a long and healthy lifestyle. While high blood pressure is a serious condition it doesn’t have to be a death sentence if you are willing to put in the effort to make the needed changes.

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Janice is a practicing nurse at a leading hospital in the state of Arizona. She has been writing articles in her free time discussing on how many individuals are oping for Prescriptions Online rather than physically visiting a Doctor.

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