Aug 4, 2013

Unique Birthday Gifts

What’s in a unique birthday gift?

It’s difficult to decide on because everyone’s view of unique is completely different. Rather than pointing you towards online birthday flowers and gift cards, we’re going to go through what you need to search for in a unique birthday gift. Only you can truly decide which gift is suitable for that special somebody.


The easiest way to get someone a unique gift is to find them something personalised. The gift itself doesn’t have to be different. You can still buy them some chocolates or a bunch of flowers, but a personalised message or colour scheme can still give them something personal.

You don’t have to splash out a lot of money to get them something they’re going to remember forever.

What about Brands?

Here’s a secret about gifts, the branded item can look exactly like the non-brand item. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on branded items if there’s an alternative which looks and feels exactly the same. Furthermore, branded items are often less interesting and take away much of the personalisation.

How personalised can a gift be if it has a huge corporate logo splashed across the front of it?


Combining a commercial gift and something homemade is another fantastic way of giving someone a gift to remember. You don’t need to have lots of skills to make something homemade. You could purchase a personalised photo album and slip some favourite photographs inside.

You could buy them a basket of gifts and combine it with some home cooked treats. And a slight variation on this idea is to buy them some cookware and make them a meal inside of it. It shows you care and you’re willing to put the effort in for them.

Inside Jokes

Friends and family members have special connections which can’t be explained or understood by outsiders. Buy something which points towards an inside joke or jest you two have. It might be something completely random or something logical and well-thought out. It’s entirely up to you, but chooses something which brings up a memory of the past.

Your Year

A birthday is an annual occasion. You could consider buying something which resembles the year the person has had. If they’ve had a child, buy something with a baby theme. If they’ve got married, you can buy them something humorous or something to get them started on the road to a happy and healthy marriage.

By buying them something which points towards the year they’re experiencing, you make it clear you’ve taken an interest in their lives and you’ve listened to what they have to say intently. You can gift them online birthday flowers.

Do Unique Gifts Need to Be Expensive?

Spend as much as you want on a unique birthday gift. It doesn’t need to be overly lavish to prove to someone you care. Spend as little or as much as you need to get them the perfect gift. Some people prefer to opt for the cheaper option as they tend to be more personal to the receiver.

If you are looking for a unique birthday gift for the special someone in your life Kim Miller highly recommends online birthday flowers.

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