Aug 2, 2013

Gray Sunrise

Not a warm and colorful sunrise, but it's still nice to enjoy.
Location : Pangandaran Beach (Ciamis, West Java Province, Indonesia) 

9 komentar:

Dianne August 02, 2013  

Soft grey skies with a touch of gold makes for a beautiful capture.

Joanne Olivieri August 02, 2013  

It is so peaceful and serene. Beautifully captured.

Karen August 02, 2013  

I love the shimmer on the water!

Linda August 02, 2013  

Lovely image! Very serene!

Anonymous August 02, 2013  

Lovely shot.

DeniseinVA August 02, 2013  

The light reflecting on the water is gorgeous. A magical photo! Wishing you a great weekend Lina :)

HansHB August 02, 2013  

Lovely post, nice sky!

thomas August 03, 2013  

wow! a beauty

Carver August 03, 2013  

Very beautiful and peaceful.

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