Aug 6, 2013

Dad Blog Browsing

Today I browsed through several dad blogs, just because I like to keep up with the competition. Not that it is a competition, they cover so much different stuff to me it is barely comparable, however, I do like to be nosey, and that’s is exactly what I spent 2 hours this morning doing, being nosey, being nosey into the lives of the dad bloggers. It was great fun, but out of the hundreds of dad blogs out there I think I will have to pick just a few of my favourites and stick with them. Otherwise I might find myself spending all my day just reading the blogs and getting none of my own work done.

I haven’t made a final choice yet, but here are a few I read through this morning and found to be quite good. is a man with kids and pets; he is an artist a writer and a loving husband. His posts include everything from packing for a holiday to interviews with celebrity parents. He has clips of his unfinished artwork, video tutorial of a completed piece and even a fun story about French toast mythology. This blog is different. If you are looking for something that is not run of the mill, then this might be the one for you. is a really nice blog. The author has this together in the hop of encouraging people to take to the great outdoors. He recalls memories of when he was a child spending time on camping holidays with his family, and this has inspired him to do the same for his own family now he is a dad. It is not just about camping, there are also posts about family days out, but the general premise is that the outdoors are great, enjoy them. I love this blog, and while it is fairly new I think itis one that I will be watching out for in the future. is a fun blog with some great posts. Liayf stands for Luke; I am your Father, which makes the title of this blog geeky chic. I love it. This very proud dad talks about his children, how his son, who is 6, beat him at chess, and about the cute things his baby daughter does. He also includes serious posts about how dad bloggers are perceived in some quarters and stands proud to say he is a dad blogger. I have my eye on Liayf, it’s a very enjoyable read.

So there you go, just a small election of dad blogs that I discovered this morning, there are more out there, some I am not so keen on, and some I absolutely love. But everyone’s taste is different, so don’t just take my word for it. It is not just about the latest gadgets, although   admittedly there are some that focus a lot on this, it is not just about sports, again some are very sports orientated blogs out there, but it is more about seeing the world, and family life through the eyes of a dad.

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