Aug 28, 2013

How Great Home Decor Creates a Wonderful Veranda for Entertaining

With long warm days leading to balmy summer evenings, outside space is at a premium especially if it incorporates entertaining space. A veranda offers the perfect compromise between inside and outside and can facilitate social gatherings effortlessly.

Creating a great space

There are plenty of ways to make a veranda welcoming and appealing to guests and some simple design considerations can have a real impact. Consider the light, space and furniture in the area and the overall purpose before setting out to personalise it. Here are a few ways to make the space your own, while allowing it to be appreciated by others too:

Before buying furniture or accessories, take a critical look at the veranda taking care to plan around the existing materials, space available and frequency of use. Budget can play a big part in the decoration budget and verandas which are only used occasionally may require less attention than those used all the time.

Keep the furniture in keeping with the style, perhaps choosing modern pieces for a glass built structure or traditional items for one constructed using brick or stone. Choose lightweight and portable pieces to allow for flexibility when it comes to seating arrangements and how the space is used. Consider having extra seating handy in the form of beanbags, trunks or boxes. These can create extra storage or can be moved when not in use.

Use accessories sparingly, adding carefully chosen plant pots, outdoor lighting and wall art which complements the furniture and fits in with the overall vision you have.

Consider a feature, like oversized hanging baskets, an ornate heating device, or a swinging seat if the space allows. This not only creates a talking point but adds to the atmosphere needed for great entertaining.

Making the most of outdoor living
A well-planned and covered outside space can have a multitude of benefits, becoming an extension of the house itself and somewhere to enjoy a drink or a bite to eat or simply relax and chat. There are so many benefits including the following;

Verandas are a cost-effective way to make the most of the space available, adding diversity to a patio and creating a place to relax and unwind while taking in the view of the garden. They don't involve much in the way of ongoing costs and can be used throughout the year.

They can be custom-designed to individual specifications regardless of whether you want to host dinner parties or start a book club. There are options to fit to the smallest space, or to create opportunities to maximise light and minimise maintenance.

Attracting the sun and reflecting plenty of light they are the natural choice when it comes to grabbing a sense of the great outdoors, whatever the weather. Ideally suited to informal gatherings and family get-togethers they facilitate movement and flow from the house to the garden.

Whether you choose to create a country cottage type of charm with an abundance of flowers and a comfy sofa, or a minimalist look with modern furniture, there are hundreds of options when it comes to creating useable space which can be enjoyed by everybody. When it comes to verandas and getting it right, expert help is at hand so simply Click for verandas with a difference.

Katie Jackson has spent many years decorating her own home alongside writing about interior design for a variety of home decor websites and blogs. To gain inspiration she advises to just Click for verandas worth coveting!.

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