Aug 30, 2013

Sky Watch: Skies that Seen through Hospital Room’s Window

Nice to join Sky Watch meme again. 
I was hospitalized for almost a week; I got back home last Tuesday. 

Though I was lying in a hospital bed, I’m still a sky watcher. All photos were captured in the last two days at the hospital when I was already able to get down from the bed.

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Anonymous August 30, 2013  

Stunning shots! Hope you're feeling better now.

eileeninmd August 30, 2013  

Sorry, you were ill. I hope you are feeling better now. Lovely sky shots.Have a happy weekend!

Yogi♪♪♪ August 30, 2013  

You are truly a dedicated skywatcher. Getting up out of your sickbed to fulfill your journalistic duty!

Great pictures and I hope that you are feeling better.

DeniseinVA August 30, 2013  

Sorry to hear you were in hospital recently and hope you are feeling much better today and will recover quickly. Your photos are great, and I am wishing you a great weekend :)

Carver August 30, 2013  

I'm so sorry about your illness. I hope your recovery is swift. Very beautiful sky shots.

thomas August 30, 2013  

With that beautiful window view,no wonder you recover so fast.

Laura August 31, 2013  

Lina, I'm so sorry you have been unwell and hope that you will heal quickly. Beautiful photos. I remember last time I was in the hospital, that I made sure my husband brought my camera for me so I could look for beauty in the situation.

Anonymous September 06, 2013  

Beautiful shots, and I wish you speedy recovery!

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