Aug 31, 2013

Oak Remains the Material King of Furniture

For centuries, master craftsmen have been using oak as a preferred material because of its longstanding reputation for being hardwearing. As strong as an oak so why wouldn't you want that reliability from your furniture? This article looks at the benefits of using this majestic material at home.

Being so hardwearing, oak is perfect to lay on the floor in high-traffic areas of your home. There are options to have a hardwood layer on laminates if a solid wood option is too costly, although real hard wood does look and feel better. Historically, oak panels were used on walls, too, often with intricate decorations.

Ideal For Busy Homes
Oak furniture is nothing if not solid. The very nature of the wood means that anything built from it is built to last. It is chunky and dependable, which makes it perfect as a choice for homes with lots of people, either residents or guests. A dining room table and chairs is easily cleaned and will not date. Oak is equally at home in the kitchen, office or bedroom, where it is particularly suited to beds, which carry the full body weight all night. Consider what you need from the furniture before you begin shopping.

Easy Upkeep
There is little to do by way of maintenance once you have bought your oak furniture as it keeps on giving. A little dust and polish, or a gentle wipe with a damp cloth, is all you will need to do. In case of a scratch, solid oak furniture can just be sanded and made as good as new.

A Design Classic
The colour of oak warms up any room and it is versatile enough to complement many different interior schemes, both modern and traditional. Despite oak furniture generally being quite chunky in design, it can still bring a clean, sophisticated look to your scheme.

What To Look For
Once you have decided that oak is for you, make sure you check your furniture for a few things before you buy:
- Ensure the wood is solid and not just a veneer
- Admire the craftsmanship
- Check that any joints are authentic. They will last longer rather than glued
- Make sure there are no gaps in the joints

Technically, oak is an excellent choice for furniture, irrespective of its aesthetic qualities. Tannins present in the wood's make-up make it durable and resistant to many fungi and insects, not to mention water.

It might seem like a large initial investment to buy oak furniture and the sum is likely to be a large percentage of your decorating budget, but over the years to come, you will get your money's worth. It is excellent value for money. Consider how many years you will be using the furniture and divide the initial cost by the years you will use it and you will find the sum more palatable! A firm such as Furniture Plus Online will give a good price to start you off and by buying quality furniture initially, you will not need to replace it through daily wear and tear.

Tom Campbell writes on a regular basis for various websites and blogs. He is a specialist in interior design and has recently created an open plan kitchen diner to make his home more family-friendly. He found his new furniture at Furniture Plus Online and has a very hardy oak dining table and chairs that will last for years to come, even once his children have left home.

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