Nov 12, 2013

A Magician Show

It was a Sunday morning at Taman Kencana (the Kencana Park, Bogor, West Java, Indonesia). My husband and I were watching a cultural performance of local artists. When the MC announced that the next performer was a magician, I was wondering why there’s a magician show in a cultural performance.
Holding a sharp knife with eyes closed and nearing the target
It turned out that during the show, the magician didn’t speak in our national language but he’s speaking in Sundanese (a tribe in West Java Province). He's still young but he's able to perform many tricks neatly. 

He wore red shirt, I can link to

The target man held a balloon above his head. The magician successfully stabbed and broke the balloon.

5 komentar:

thelivingshed November 12, 2013  

since when I was child, I am a fun of magics

Leovi November 12, 2013  

Amazing show, amazing photos!

Hazel November 13, 2013  

He must have learned his craft at a very young age. Guess there is magic or something related to it in every culture.


Anonymous November 13, 2013  

What fun!!

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 November 14, 2013  

his volunteer is very brave. My tray is a gift from a Mexican friend,

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