Nov 8, 2013

Sky Watch: around the National Monument

The National Monument or Monas is a 132 meters tower in the center of Merdeka Square, Central Jakarta, Indonesia. The viewing platform or observation deck located at the height of 115 meters above ground level. To reach this top platform, visitors may use a lift on the southern side. The capacity of the lift is only 11 people (data source:wikipedia).

During my last visit with my family, I wasn’t able to reach the observation deck since the ticket locket has already been closed. At that time, I saw many people were standing in line. I heard that most visitors have to wait for their turns for more than an hour.  The old elevator is in renovation now, hope the ‘new’ lift works better.

I saw some kids were playing kites around this monument. We had gray sky that day. Sky Watch Friday

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livingshed November 08, 2013  

oh..just like here..very cloudy

DeniseinVA November 08, 2013  

Your photos are lovely Lina. The one of the small child flying a kite is really sweet and all are lovely skies.

Our photos November 08, 2013  

Beautiful is your SkyWatch photos.
Greetings, RW & SK

HansHB November 08, 2013  


eileeninmd November 08, 2013  

Looks like a nice visit to the monument, even with the gray skies. Have a happy weekend!

Yogi♪♪♪ November 08, 2013  

Maybe next time! I am not much of a line waiter myself.

Anonymous November 08, 2013  

Must be a great view at the top!

Lovely shots despite the clouds.

Carver November 08, 2013  

Lovely and interesting shots.

NatureFootstep November 09, 2013  

loved to see the kite against the sky. :)

Al November 09, 2013  

Nice photos - I love those clouds.

Janet November 10, 2013  

Lovely cloud shots! especially the one where the sun is threatening to come out…and the kite!

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