Nov 8, 2013

Versatile LED Strip Lighting – A Unique Way of Decorating Your House

LED Strip Lights, also referred to as LED Ribbon or LED Tape, are versatile lighting solutions to create professional lighting. This form of lighting is becoming increasingly popular among people who want to light up their homes using a new and versatile form of illumination. The application range is unparalleled, all thanks to its design.

Practical Applications
LED Strip Lights are used for creating hidden lighting. This is because the lights are easy to conceal and also can fit into any long or narrow space. Once they are fitted, they create a kind of effect known as 'layering'. This adds a sense of drama to the whole lighting. 

The practical aspects do not stop there, as the lifespan of a typical LED strip light will be significantly longer than rival products, which means that even if the upfront cost is a little more, you will not have to splash out for replacements nearly as often.

LED strip lights are also just that little bit easier to live with, because they generate a minimal amount of heat and do not produce that annoying buzz that can often emit from fluorescent tubes. As they are literally flexible, in that they can take on the shape and contours of your work surfaces in the kitchen, your living room's furniture or your bathroom mirror, there are few limits on what can be achieved using them.

Creative Engagement
You can only think about practical considerations for so long before your eyelids start to droop, but the prospect of creating unique and interesting illumination arrangements using LED strip lights should perk you up again.

The flexibility of the strips lets you get creative, but you can also get strips which produce different colours, as well as those that can even change between colours, allowing you to use a controller to adjust the hue at will.

This opens up new avenues for experimentation and means that the plain white light that most people are used to in their homes can be mixed up with something a bit more funky and fun when the mood permits.

The truly ambitious home improver can create showbiz-style lighting displays, although for most the option to simply switch the colour and adjust the brightness will be enough to get them interested in LED strip lights.

Because LED technology does not get as hot as fluorescent or incandescent bulbs and is also smaller, you can mount strips in those hard to reach places and keep them discretely tucked away so that they do not intrude on the look of a room. Whilst lighting fixtures used to dominate by necessity, they need no longer be an ungainly inclusion in a room.

LED strip lights give homeowners a great deal more control over the destiny of their interior decor and do not limit them in the same way as rival solutions. The availability of LED strip light controllers means you can get a professional-grade experience in the comfort of your own home and be as inventive as you like with the final design.

Ultimately it could be worth looking at the options that are available to you when you next come to make some changes to your lighting, particularly if you want to save money on bills and mix up the design.

James Holden is the digital content manager of Visible Lighting and has many years’ experience in the LED Lighting industry. To find out more information on James Holden, you can follow him on Google Plus.

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