Nov 30, 2013

Tiny Flower

I saw these wild flowers -by coincidence- between grasses in the nearby park.  I noticed later that the flower has interesting purple lines. It’s almost unseen with bare eyes.

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Judy November 30, 2013  

You are right about them being tiny flowers!!! If you had not shown your fingertips, I would have thought them about twice that size...
And they are so beautiful!!!
But I see you have brought it home to photograph, rather than crawling around in the grass, the way I would have done...

Lotta November 30, 2013  

What a lovely flower...

DeniseinVA December 01, 2013  

So delicate, in form and in color. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos.

Unknown December 01, 2013  

Very pretty! Beautiful close ups.

Indrani December 02, 2013  

Some of the wild flowers are most beautiful, often they go unnoticed. Glad you showed one here.

Unknown December 03, 2013  

mantap nice share
Jangan lupa untuk koment balik yea mas

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