Nov 28, 2013

Sky Watch: a Skyline

Also called visible horizon; a skyline is the line at which the sky and Earth appear to meet. This captured skyline is the left side of Salak Mountain (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia) viewed from the café at the 3rd floor of a mall.

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Anonymous November 29, 2013  

Lovely sky. :)

Karen November 29, 2013  

A terrific horizon shot!

Anonymous November 29, 2013  

That's just gorgeous!

magiceye November 29, 2013  

Wow a lovely capture!

Rajesh November 29, 2013  

Beautiful cloud formations.

Indrani November 29, 2013  

The cloud pattern is amazing! Great shot!

HansHB November 29, 2013  

Beautiful sky-photo!

eileeninmd November 29, 2013  

Lovely clouds and a beautiful view of the horizon! Lovely shot, Lina! Happy Weekend!

Valladolid Daily Photo November 29, 2013  

Great contribution to the theme day. Enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous November 29, 2013  

Wow ~ Beautiful sky shot ~ great colors, texture and angle ~ thanks, carol, xxx

Laura November 29, 2013  


thomas November 29, 2013  

great capture, a very dramatic sky.

namaki November 30, 2013  

Those clouds really make it !

Photos by Stan December 04, 2013  

How nice to see blue sky and such white, fluffy clouds! I'm curious about the horizon -- is the 'curling' an effect of using a wide angle lens or merely real hills rising on the edges of the shot.

Irene December 05, 2013  

Gorgeous sky! The clouds makes it :)

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