Nov 20, 2013

Women Fashion Tips - 6 Things to Consider to Find Clothes That Fit Your Shape & Size

A lot of women struggle everyday trying to find the right clothes that fit their body type. There is nothing worse than going shopping and seeing clothes that look good on the rack but don't look as good when you wear them. Check out these tips that will guarantee that whatever you put on will look good on you.

When it comes to color there are 2 types you can choose between, and these are monochromatic and colorful. If you have some flaws you want to hide going with dark colors should really help.

Wear darks where you think you have the most flaws that you want to keep hidden, and then wear brights in the areas where you feel you are slim. Some women just wear plain black from head to toe, but there is no need to minimize everything.

Every woman has an area on her body that she is actually proud of; so don't be afraid to show it off. Also, other deep shades like plum, gray, or denim are just as effective as black. If you want to appear taller and slimmer then wearing monochromatically from top to bottom will do the trick.

It's all about proportion when it comes to finding clothes that will flatter your body size and shape. If you are a plus size woman then the trick is to find the perfect balance between oversized and fitted. For example, if you decide to wear a full sized skirt to hide your lower body flaws you should pair it with a fitted top or maybe a shirt that's tucked in.

Avoid wearing oversized clothes from head to toe or you'll end up looking huger than what you really are. Also, always try to balance out your frame. For instance, if you are wide at the top, then look for clothing that makes you look even wider on the bottom.

Use an A-line to offset broad shoulders, or wear bootcuts to even out a huge bust. Once you learn how to balance out your proportion properly you won't have any problem finding clothes that fits your size and shape.

With the right structure your clothes can give your body form while hiding your flaws. For example, if you feel you have a large waist area then wear a sharp shoulder blazer to make it appear smaller in size. Look for tailor made garments that will give your body definition.

Jean Pockets
Jeans are an essential for all women, but wearing the wrong type of jeans can make your body look less than perfect. If you have a large rear; go with straight pockets that cover your lower half of your buttocks. Also, make sure the stitching on the back pockets are subtle so your already large rear doesn't appear larger.

If you have a less than impressive rear then small to medium sized pockets will do. Find back pockets that have some type of embroidery or flaps that will give your rear an extra dimension and make it look fuller.

Look for jean pockets that are closer together and higher up if you have a rear that has a little droopage. It's normally older women that experience this problem with their buttocks, but even so, wearing curvy embroideries will help make your buttocks appear curvier while keeping it classy.

Wearing prints can make or break you when you're trying to find something flattering to your body shape and size. Look for prints that are large if you are a large person.

If you are a smaller person then go with smaller sized prints. Plus size women can achieve a slimming effect when they wear patterns that have a dark background. Choose color blocking that makes use of vertical panels along the sides of your body to take off some inches.

Diaganol lines can make you look as if you have an hourglass shape. This is because diagnol lines have amazing curve creating and slimming powers. Try out different varieties such as bias cut seams, asymmetrical necklines, and chevron prints to see what fits you best.

Well, there you have it. These tips should help you achieve the flattering look you want for your body size no matter what you wear.

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