Nov 19, 2013

Key to Fixing a Broken Relationship

A broken relationship can be hard to mend, but if one works hard enough, they can be fixed.  It will take time and effort on both parties, but if both are willing to work on it, the end outcome can be great for both parties.  If your relationship is on the rocks, here are some tips and tricks that one can try to get the relationship back to how it once was.  Keep in mind that both people have to want to fix the relationship.  If one does not want to work on it, it is pretty hopeless to even try.

Communication is the Key
Communication with your loved one is the key if you want to fix a relationship that has been broken.  Do not be afraid to talk to your loved one.  Let him or her know your feelings on whatever issues you are having.  Speak your mind, but do not be crass about it.  Always speak calmly about issues. Remember that relationships are a two way street.  Speak how you would want to be spoken to, never raise your voice and leave all bitter feelings away from the conversation.

Forgive your partner for whatever they have done.  When you forgive, you allow your heart to heal some, which will just be better all around for your relationship. If you cannot forgive your significant other, you will hold onto some of the anger that you have towards them, which could lead to a breakup down the road.

Give Eachother Time
Give each other time and space so you can really think about what you want.  There is no right time limit for this, but many  have had great luck with spending a few weeks or more apart.  This gives time for both parties to clear their minds and think about any issues that they want or need fixed in order to move forward with the relationship.  Another thing to do for both parties is to examine themselves during this time.  It is often so easy to put blame on the other party, but while apart, think about the relationship.  Are there things that you could have done differently?  Said differently?  Use this time to think about who you were in the relationship and who you want to be in  the relationship.

Keep all these tips in your mind.  Remember that if you work hard, you will be able to overcome anything in the relationship. Relationships are hard work and that is why so many do not survive.  Commit to making the relationship work and realize that what happened in the past may only hurt you more.  Forgive and forget, give each other time to heal, and learn to listen.  These techniques will make any relationship better, no matter if the relationship is rocky or not. Remember to never force any issues as well, as this will only lead to further problems down the road.

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