Nov 26, 2013

A Rail Bridge

The rail bridge
All photos taken from a café at 3rd floor of a mall. I saw a rail bridge below and I was interested to capture some activities around it. The bridge isn’t a busy one, the train passes by isn’t commuter train but the train to another city that only leaves several times a day. I saw some boys were sitting on the railways near the bridge. They seemed know the train schedule and used the spot as a nice place to hang out with friends.
Hang out with friends. Some boys wore red t-shirts :)

The railway bridge is also used by pedestrians to cross over the road. I’m not sure whether I’m brave or not to try walking on the rail bridge. If I’ve got a chance, I think I’ll miss it. I imagine my feet will be shaking along the way. 

Notice the man with red hat :)

4 komentar:

Leovi November 26, 2013  

A dangerous place to play!

Gemma Wiseman November 26, 2013  

Woo. Those rail walking boys are embarking on a rather dangerous past time. Incredible photos.

Gattina November 26, 2013  

What an interesting view out of a café !

Hendrik November 28, 2013  

I did them at my school home way, crossing the rail bridge, even walking along the railway. Seemed not to be burden, had joke each other with danger left behind

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