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Nov 23, 2013

One Afternoon at the Cafe

Spending afternoon at the café with your loved one can be fun. Do you like to drink coffee or other beverages in a cozy place that offers a great view? It’s no wonder at all if this café becomes our favorite. Their cappuccino…hmmm…it feels so great every time I drink it. Their beverages aren’t too sweet, it suits our taste.
Located in a mall called Bogor Trade Mall (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia), this café is a terrace of XXI cinema. If the weather is bright, we can see city view and Salak Mountain clearly there.

Last Wednesday my husband and I visited this café and ordered two cappuccinos and toasted bread as we didn’t feel hungry. All are yummy… It’s a wonderful place to hang out, spend time pleasantly or wait your movie showing time.
That afternoon I wore casual outfits. Nothing special, just my present T-shirt, jeans, hooded cardigan, hat and flat sandals. The item that I want to show here is my new and attractive Vintage Peking Opera Facial Wallet from PersunMall. The wallet has a cat charm, love it.
Yellow Iris plant and flowers beautify this café. I took one flower shot for Today's Flowers.  I have no plan this weekend; my husband was out of town. How’s about you? Whatever you’ll do, have a great weekend.

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