Nov 2, 2013

Flower Candy

Sorry for not sharing a real flower. But it's a pretty one, right?

On one Sunday morning at the Kencana Park (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia), I saw many vendors, one of them was this candy man. He made and sold candies in different shapes. I bought a flower shaped candy; wish I can link this post to Today's Flowers

 Though I’ve bought it and the candy looked pretty, I couldn’t eat it. Didn’t you see that the candy man used his bare hand when creating all shapes?
 I think I see his fingerprint on a flower's petal. Can you eat the candy? :)

7 komentar:

Carver November 02, 2013  

The flower candy is great.

DeniseinVA November 02, 2013  

These are really neat looking Lina. I enjoyed them very much, thank you for sharing them :)

Mary November 02, 2013  

That´s really a pretty flower! And eatable and sure very sweet! :)

Judy November 03, 2013  

I would rather look at it than eat it!!! So often the most beautiful food does not taste all that wonderful...

Our photos November 03, 2013  

Nice is the candy flower!
Greetings, RW & SK

NatureFootstep November 05, 2013  

looks great. Did you taste it?

Unknown November 06, 2013  

cakep mbak

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