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Jeulia Engagement Rings For Women

May 6, 2014

Living Doll on a Street

There are many ways that people do to earn a living. Being a doll on big city’s streets can be one of interesting examples. My husband captured it while driving in Jakarta city. I think it was a man who’s inside the cute (or scary?) doll. He must stand the heat inside and breath through the small hole located on the doll’s hair part. 
Would you like to give him money? For his effort to entertain people during traffic jam, I guess he deserves it.


5 komentar:

BLOGitse May 06, 2014  

Hard, unhealthy and passive way to earn money. I guess busy drivers just look. Would selling apples or other fruits be a better idea? Vitamins for tired drivers...

Leovi May 06, 2014  

Yes, I'll give you some money!

Kalantikan May 06, 2014  

Mime is very common in Europe, e.g. mime of an Egyptian mummy.

Gemma Wiseman May 06, 2014  

Standing in such a costume when it's hot must take a lot of inner strength. And the guy seems to be so close to turning cars too. He must be brave.

Ralph May 06, 2014  

I wouldn't say he is scary, yet I wouldn't say he was cute. Therefore, I see this not as a distraction, but as an eye-catching sight. But don't look too long at him,or you might cause an accident!

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