Jun 6, 2012

3 Steps to the Ultimate Bucks Night

So it’s your last night of freedom out with the boys, and while the wedding is important to you, the bucks night is something you’ve been waiting to enjoy your entire life. Ok, so don’t tell your wife that – she may not be impressed at all, but tonight, you have one last chance to make it big with the boys, go a little crazy, dance with two left feet, take in the talent... and in the morning, headache in tow, remember why you’ve chosen to give up this life and settle with the woman you truly love.

But how to make this a night unlike any other? You’ve been to the usual bucks night hangs – Kings Cross – and time is of the essence so there’ll be no going overseas for a few days for you. The answer is – amp it up! Take all the things you’ve always wanted to do and make them bigger and better than ever! And below, is how you can do it. In three easy steps, you can take normal night out with the lads, to the best bloke’s night ever.

Step 1: the barbeque
A barbie is a pretty blokey thing. But now when you have barbeques, the Mrs throws on gourmet steak, smothered in something, or open lobster. It’s great, and definitely something you want to eat more of, but what happened to the barbeques of your bachelorhood? A big slab of meat and a bunch of ravenous blokes ready t carve it up?

Your bucks night is the perfect night to reintroduce the real man’s barbie – in a big way. And what better way than to take that slab of meat that you remember and turn it into a whole pig! Spit roast – the manliest of barbeques – can be found at most good event hire specialists, and if you’re lucky, you can even hire someone to cook it for you. So grab a few cartons, head to the backyard and kick off the night with your mates the way you used to – but better!

Step 2: Cruising to the party.
Grab your pool supplies and your togs for this one! On their hen’s nights, ladies like nothing better than a big stretch limo or hummer – something pretty and polished that they could never otherwise justify. So why not do the same – choose a mode of transport you could never otherwise justify. You’ve seen it on TV, and yes they do exist, they are just tough to find – the old limo with a hot tub. Grab your mates – and anyone else who wants to come, and head out for a night on the town, in real style!

Step 3: Getting the party started.
You’ve done bucks nights before, and while they are fun, once you’ve done it once they are all the same. So why not step it up and do something different? Hire a penthouse apartment in the city for the evening and throw your own party! You’ll want food, beer on tap, cigars and entertainment – make it a night not to forget!

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Soulful June 06, 2012  

too bad my husband didn't have a Bucks night. he would have enjoyed it..

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