Jun 21, 2012

3 Worst Romantic Faux Pas

Being romantic usually involves giving your partner some flowers or planning a nice evening. However, there are many ways that you can upset this romantic balance and spoil the mood. We identify 3 of the worst, most unromantic things you can say or do when you’re with your partner. Being romantic is all about setting a mood, so try not to spoil it!

1.       Talking About Your Ex
Ever been with someone that you think you like who then starts to go on and on about an ex-partner? This is a sure-fire mood killer in anyone’s book. Think about it: If you are faced with someone you are dating and all you can talk about is an ex then there is something wrong. Keeping tabs on your thoughts is extremely important and talk about ex-partners should be considered almost taboo. Here are some much better, current subjects to talk about with your partner:
      How much they mean to you.
      How they make you feel.
      Happy times you have had together.
      Plans for the future.
      What makes you happy.

2.       Saying Exactly What You Think
When you want to set a romantic mood, it can be better to say what you feel with roses rather than words. If you say something wrong to your partner while you are trying to set a romantic mood then it is a sure-fire way to end an evening early. Be considerate and say nice, sweet things to your partner to set the mood.
Try talking in a certain way to your partner:
      Be as sweet as you can be!
      Tell the truth but leave out the negativity.
      Compliment your partner as much as possible.
      Don’t lay it on too thick and sound non-genuine.
Practicing your communication is important in a relationship and it can be difficult to get it right. So while you should be honest, there is also a time to say nicer things and not to bring up any problems. Think about when is an appropriate time to discuss difficult issues.

3.       Trying Too Hard
If you try too hard to be romantic then it can also have the opposite effect. This is because we all want to be romanced in a certain way and if it is done too quickly then it can spoil your mood easily. So don’t try too hard. Have a go at some of these methods for a more laid-back way to romance:
      A long slow massage with oils and candles.
      A romantic bath (also with candles!) and some gentle music.
      A delicious home-cooked meal with some fine wine.
      A long walk in the park or along the beach.

This will allow you to be romantic but also a little bit hard-to-get. If you try too hard you can come across as desperate or annoying, so a little bit of restraint is important.

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