Jun 15, 2012

Cotton Salwar Kameez: Latest Trend in the Market

Summer season not only brings change in the weather but also brings change in the fashion. The markets get filled with the different types of cotton attires as cotton fabric is very much liked by people during this time of the year. Specially, in case of female attires the wardrobe gets a changeover with the fashion. Different colors of beautiful cotton attires fill the space as they are very comfortable and look very elegant. Women like flaunting them as they give a very pleasant look to the personality.
Out of all the different attires, cotton salwar kameez are the best liked by women of all ages. They are easy to wear, comfortable and very durable. Different varieties are available in them like printed suits, plain suits or contrast color suits. There are so many good qualities in these cotton suits that everyone like to buy them for all kinds of wearing. The fabric is very breathable, so during summers it keeps the skin dry and makes you feel fresh. As compared to other materials, cotton is very comfortable and makes you feel free.

Women are addicted to these suits, for office wear to daily college wear; they are perfect for any purpose. Even for the parties and functions, designer cotton suits are also available in the market. These suits are expensive as heavy embroidery and work is done on them so that they can look attractive. Apart from looking good, the fabric is very easy to maintain. A simple hand or machine wash is enough for these cotton salwar kameez, for some suits starch is needed to make them look crisp.  It is always suggested to iron them after wash so that you can get a perfect look. Some people like to iron them, when they are damp. This gives them a very good crease and enhances the look of the suit.

Sometimes excess use of starch can make the cloth fluffy and extra stiff and it doesn’t looks good. Cotton gives a graceful effect when dressed properly. They look very classy for business occasions or formal meetings. Women who are sleek love wearing them as it gives them a fuller look. Beyond so many merits there are few demerits also like some of the cotton suits shrink after first wash specially the pure cottons. Some of them also bleed color during first wash; so proper care should be taken while washing them. It is suggested to get them dry cleaned for the first time so that the color is not wasted. Cotton salwar kameez are so much liked that these demerits are not even considered by women while shopping. They are the favorite attire among them throughout the year.

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Shaq Derri June 16, 2012  

wow...the dress is so elegant...nice post

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