Jun 12, 2012

Overcoming the Desire to Eat

Dieting is not just about eating the right things. It is also about volume. You will probably have seen many people with a seemingly good diet who are far larger than you would expect, and this is simply because of the volumes of the healthy food that they eat. No matter how healthy a diet is, it will make no difference if you are still consuming too many calories. Stopping yourself from eating so much can, however, be a difficult process because hunger is a very uncomfortable feeling. Here are some ways to cut back on intake and the desire to eat:

Big Breakfast
One of the best ways to reduce the amount that you eat in a day is to eat a large breakfast. Breakfast should really be the largest meal of your day and this will have the effect of reducing your appetite dramatically. Your breakfast should be a hearty meal with a blend of fruit, carbohydrates and sugars. As long as you fill yourself properly in the morning, you will realise a reduction in appetite through to your evening meal.

The first step in dieting is to substitute unhealthy foods with healthy ones. Doing this is easy when switching from chocolate to fruit but it is more difficult when you are trying to cut down on snacks and intake entirely. You can substitute your usual snacks with numerous other options. Green tea is perhaps the best because it helps to flush your system and improve digestion, whilst also giving you something to drink instead of a snack. It will take a lot of will power to cut your snacks and replace them with tea but it is a great way to cut down on intake. Avoid adding sugar at all costs, however, because this will entirely counter the effects.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss
Weight loss can be achieved through hypnotherapy. What weight loss hypnotherapy actually does is to trick your brain into not needing snacks and excess amounts of food. By hypnotising someone to avoid feeling hungry it enables them to lose weight without the stress and suffering of intake reduction because they will not constantly be starving. Hypnotherapy can offer an excellent alternative to operations.

Stomach stapling
Stomach stapling is the process of reducing the size of someone’s stomach so that they are physically less hungry. It requires an operation and can be very painful but it is very effective in many cases. By reducing the feelings of hunger, it is possible to greatly improve the chances of successfully reducing the intake of foods.

Fasting shakes
There are numerous fasting shakes available on the market, which basically serve the purpose of filling your stomach with something very low in calories. Your body will necessarily still have to digest this but with little benefit so you will not be hungry after drinking this substance and will be losing weight. This is a great way to reduce intake because it will physically stop you from craving food.

Remember that the most important element of weight loss is a balanced diet and exercise. Losing weight rapidly is often not the solution whereas a change of lifestyle is often of great benefit.

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