Jun 26, 2012

The Simple yet Beautiful Buddhist Jewelry

I’m always sure that any jewelry item is never wrong to be given as a special gift for a female friend. Many women love wearing jewelry as it can make them look stunning.  But some women –especially religious women- prefer to choose spiritual jewelry items that not only offer loveliness but also encourage calm and enlightened manner.
I have a female friend who will have a birthday next month. I know her as a faithful Buddhist; therefore I plan to give her a piece of elegant yet simple Buddhist Jewelry that created by David Weitzman. I’ve ever seen some of his gold and silver jewelry creation; his artworks can be put on to beautify any outfit and to attend any event.

You can find a wide variety of Buddhist jewelry collection. Each item presents a meaningful symbol, such as Buddhi ring, Lotus ring, Tibetan knot pendant, Great Mother ring, Tibetan Om ring, Lotus earring and Sri Yantra Jewelry. The elegant Buddhi ring appears like the bodhi tree’s foliage that encourages the ring wearer to become a humble and empathetic person. The Lotus ring presents the lotus flower symbols on both surfaces; it may inspire the wearer to always look for harmony in life.

You may choose any jewelry item that suits your personal yearning. I’ll choose a Sri Yantra silver pendant for my friend; I hope it will help her to seek balance in her life.

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