Jun 18, 2012

Gucci New Spring & Summer Handbags with Bamboo Collection

Gucci handbags are one of the famous handbag and of course the famous brand especially for ladies. As far as I know, everyone knows about the Gucci Handbags. These handbags are known for its beautiful and unique with splendid benefits and high quality. Gucci handbags are now arriving in more classic styles and every now and then, they comes up with the brand new appearance like New Bamboo by Gucci's design director, Gucci bamboo bags that has integrated the advanced technology into the handed-down design, re-explaining the classic style.
 Let us discuss about the new designs and features of Gucci bamboo bags:
  1. The unique design of Gucci handbags includes the features like exquisite handiwork, precise lining and the small sizes differentiates it from another handbags. The Gucci bamboo hand bags have been decorated by twisted bamboo handles and these bags were very first launched in the year 1947 and then these bags became popular for the craftsmen for its wisdom classic style. The material for this type of handbag comes from Japan and been twisted like a relative leather bag. The unique design and the fashionable style have been well received by the people. These handbags became the favorites among the famous celebrities and made it one of the popular handbags out of Gucci collection.
  2. The second style called the Giannini that reinterprets the classic style by new enactment and happening esthetics. In the meantime, the new aggregation goes forward for developing excellence and craftsmanship over-the-top of the archetype style. Made of 140 parts, Gucci New purse is hand-stitched by the skilled craftsmen in Florence workshop. It involves the completion of at least 13 hours that assures the flawlessness of each point.
  3. Likewise the classical size, the Modern collection is contributed to large size for various selections. The space interior extends the classical blueprint of the pilot masterpiece, together with a zip pocket, a fastening pocket as well as a reflector. The master copy of stitching is substituted by the bulging leather cutting down in easiness and style. Nickel alloy was being first used by Gucci to decorate this style and made it fashionable and aplomb. The fresh solicitation held back the pilot leather strap and at the same time comes with the metallic chain beautified by wood and tassels, surviving sexier.
  4. Many forms of textiles are distinguished to build the new wood bag. The high proficiencies make them absolutely match the conventional luxury. All the leather versions of Gucci handbags were decorated by bamboo covers with surrounding leather. The Young Bamboo is fashioned from artificial rubber swore out by high tech with the coat brocaded classic look-alike G logo. Some other style in quality opulence goes to the white or black boa whip making with the soft affecting like rubber. The coloring material of the purse goes from burnished to overcast, then to burnish again, which is also an iridescent charm of Gucci handbags spring summer (borse Gucci autunno inverno) been famous till the date for every lady.
Author Bio: Gucci handbags have been famous for the young and old ladies since 1947 and Anna explains about the new features of these handbags.

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