Jun 12, 2012

Finding the Perfect Dating Site that Meets Your Standards

In today’s time online dating has appealed to many people in America. In past years over twelve million citizens have used dating sites to meet other people. With so many websites such as Match, Chemistry, eHarmony, JDate, and True, how would a person know which one is right for them? Just by examining the simple details of these websites can really help a person the figure out which website can help them connect to their mystery lover!

Match.com is best for those who don’t want to really connect, but just browse around the website. It is also the world’s first, and largest global dating website. This website has a very famous and useful feature where people can call each other using fake numbers, or as they like to say dummy numbers. Match also has basic compatibility questions, for instance they ask about occupations, ethnicity, and religion. This narrows down choices and makes it easy for anyone to choose.

Chemistry.com is similar to Match.com but instead after someone takes their personality test they are usually given a certain name, like leader, builder, and seeker. Chemistry.com is also best for singles over 35, mainly because it’s a website for people who are deeply engaged into finding a relationship. They also support same-gender relationships. Chemistry’s question philosophy isn’t the best. It repeats questions frequently, takes over an hour to complete, and is very confusing and hard to understand.

eHarmony.com relies heavily on their matching system. They wont let anyone do work for themselves and search for their own matches. The websites’ staff simply gives out online personality tests and does the rest. This website is best for heterosexual people searching for marriage or strong relationships. For eHarmony’s question philosophy, they have the longest amount of time, 1 hour and 30 minutes.

JDate.com is a website that mostly caters to those of Jewish heritage, and it’s best for those looking for long-term relationships. Their question philosophy is simple, and takes only 30 minutes to complete. The questions they ask are only about religion and ethnicity, and the rest it up to the member to describe themselves on their own profile.

Last but certainly not least is True.com. This website allows the average citizen to browse around and find matches while having restrictions and limits. This website allows background checks on all matches that a person finds or receives. This site is great for those who are paranoid and like to take caution when they are doing things. Their question philosophy is little random, for example the first question could be talking about someone’s job, and the second could ask if they have ever had sexual intercourse.

With all the different kinds of dating sites, there is at least one that can meet anyone’s standards. Finding someone to love isn’t easy, but with websites like Match, Chemistry, eHarmony, JDate, and True finding love can be as simple as the flowing breeze out side the window.

Author’s Bio - Drew Lewis writes for 100bestdatingsites.com and is open to writing on a freelance basis about anything related to her industry.

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