Jun 15, 2012

Gel Nails: All about Them, Advantages and Disadvantages

What are gel nails?
Gel nails are a very unique type of artificial nail application, which is used directly on the nails or on the tip of the nails. It is used to stretch the length of the nail and make them look more beautiful. The process of using these gels over the nails is simple, after applying a coat of gel over the nails; they are kept under a special UV light. This UV light helps the nails in harden up with the gel, when these gels are used for extending the lengths then the tip of the nail is attached with the artificial one and then the whole nail is covered with the gel and kept under the light. Without a tip, the gel is used specially to give the nails a beautiful look; this also helps in strengthening the natural nail and also allows it in growing in a natural way.

Benefits of Gel Nails

·The application method of these gel nails are very simple and can be done at home or spa with proper care.
·All the products used in the process are odorless.
·Gel nails look like the natural nails so they can be flaunted easily on any occasions.
·Without the nail polish application, these gel nails look great.
·Fillings are not done in gel nail application process.

Gel nail applications need UV light; it is a crucial part of the whole application process. It is always suggested to take these services from good parlors or spas. With the increases in the demands, few companies have also launched basic gel kits. These kits are simple to use and can be done at home by following the instructions.  For very stylish looks, proper training is needed so that applications can be done in the best way. Parlors and spas use the trained people for doing the procedures. Gel nails are very much liked by the girls now days, as they look fantastic on all types of attires and also make the hands look fabulous.

Other than the advantages, gel nails have few demerits also.  These gel nails are non long lasting as the acrylic ones. The acrylic colors stay much longer than these gel nails, even the nail polish do not stay for a longer period of time on these gel nails. So, one have to keep applying nail colors in every alternate day. If gel nails break than it’s hard to fix them, if it breaks one has to get the application procedure done again which costs a lot. Thus, these are few merits and demerits of using the gel nails (gel unghie) but at the end these gel nails are liked by everyone as they make you look good with beautiful nails in your hands

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