Jun 8, 2012

Celebrity Fashion Mistakes of 2011

As much as we love to watch celebrities and admire their fashion choices, we are just as excited by the ‘fashion crimes’ of some of the world’s most stylish stars. It can be very reassuring to know that, even with stylists, abundant funds and the input of some of the world’s most esteemed designers, celebrities can and do make fashion faux pas.

Celebrities = perfect fashion sense, fashion rings, bags and style?

Typically, we think of celebrities as impeccably groomed people with incredible fashion sense, the ability to perfectly accessorise everything from fashion rings to stylish bags, glowing skin and impeccable hair and makeup. It is often the case that celebrities are at their ‘best dressed’ when dressed by professional designers and guided by stylists, but they sometimes exhibit less impressive fashion choices for ‘everyday dressing’.

Here we take a look at some of 2011’s biggest celebrity fashion mistakes:

Milla Jovovich:  The very beautiful and supremely striking Milla Jovovich is now better known as an actress, but was once a model. While she most often looks stunning, in 2011 she was snapped wearing a sleeveless, brocade-like shift dress that made her look quite matronly because of its strange length (right on the knee). Although she teamed the black and silver dress with a pair of hot shoes, this outfit failed to deliver the desired impact and was quickly added to the list of ‘fashion mistakes’.

Katherine Heigl:  There is a fine line between using accessories such as costume jewellery to enhance an outfit and over-accessorising to the point that your outfit looks quite ridiculous. Unfortunately, Katherine Heigl made the mistake of wearing too many accessories with a quite appealing, casual ensemble of dark blue denim jeans, dark top and a light jacket to the point that the combination looked confused, jumbled and ‘try hard’.

Katie Holmes:  Usually, Katie Holmes favours simple lines and classic cuts and these work well for her. However, in 2011 the actress wore a bright, formal blouse with cut off jeans and ankle boots in a tan colour. Unfortunately, this combination quickly rendered Katie to the list of celebrity fashion offenders as her outfit lacked consistency and failed to emphasise her best features.

Ke$ha:  Pop star Ke$ha is well known for her unusual, eclectic taste, but a skeletal leotard matched with gloves that the songstress wore in London during the Summer of 2011 constituted a definite fashion mistake. The ripped tights and metallic boots that she wore with this leotard only increased the scariness of her style and the strangeness of her outfit.

Fergie:  Black Eyed Peas’ singer Fergie can look amazing and it is not unusual to see her feature on ‘best dressed celebrities’ lists. Unfortunately, the talented star can just as easily find her way onto the lists of celebrities who have made fashion blunders and, when wearing excessively fuzzy jackets, shiny tights and shiny patent boots, Fergie committed the fashion crime of ‘trend overload’.

The fact that celebrities can and do commit fashion mistakes confirms the fact that looking amazing and dressing with style and class does not necessarily depend on how famous or wealthy you are. It is far more important to know what looks good on you and dress in a way that enhances your image and sense of self, no matter what is in vogue or trendy at the time.

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