Jun 22, 2012

For Crafty Women

Do you love to crochet or knit? I really envy you. I must admit that I’m not a crafty woman. Crocheting or knitting is too difficult for me to learn. One kind of craft project that I’ve ever tried is cross-stitching as it’s much easier to learn and do. My late mother loved to cross-stitch and sometimes we did it together. There are a few framed cross-stitch results that still hung on our living room wall until now. They can be memorable things of my late mother.      

To cross-stitch, we often use floss, a soft loosely twisted thread. Crocheting needs thicker thread, I notice that many crochet lovers prefer to use finest yarns like Trendsetter Yarns to create various items. Using a crochet hook and good quality yarns, their skilled hands produce different wonderful fabric that can be formed into hats, scarf, bags, accessories and many other beautiful things.  

I have a friend who loves to crochet and knit. When I visited her home a few weeks ago, she’s creating a jacket for her daughter. It’s already half done; I could see that it would become a warm and pretty jacket. She used light blue solid color self-striping yarn that makes the jacket a completely new look. For creating clothes, it’s important to use high quality yarns since it won’t be itchy on skin and the final result will be last longer.

My friend also taught me a little about how to choose the right yarn to crochet. She said that the kind of yarn that should be chosen will depend on the project that wants to be done. Nowadays, different brands of yarns are already available in various colors, textures, materials and weights. 

Each texture of yarn will offer a different look when it’s knitted or crocheted. When it comes to material, it’s better to choose the material that is simple to maintain and able to be cleaned by machine. The weight determines the yarn thickness. Since she made a thicker project like jacket or sweater, she chose yarns with higher numbered weights.

If you feel crafty enough, creating with yarns is a new hobby that worth to learn. Imagine lots of beautiful stuffs that you can make!

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