Jun 10, 2012

The Most Interesting Jobs to Have in Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the most fun and exciting cities to live in the world, though it’s fair to say that some people are having a more interesting time of it than others. While some people have to make it to the end of their work week before anything interesting happens, others experience new and exciting things every day. If you are looking for an interesting line of work, you can’t go past these 5 jobs in Melbourne. You’ll never have a boring day on the job ever again.

Real Estate Agent
This job has you in a different place every day, meeting different people constantly. You will be first to know about the hip apartments for sale and become an expert in Melbourne investment property. Melbourne is a city with a massive diversity of homes and neighbourhoods, so no two days will ever be alike. You will also get to know the city better than anyone, which will not only help your clients, but leave you knowing all the hidden gems that this city has to offer.

If you want a job where every hour is different, try hairdressing in Melbourne. Not only is every head of hair unique, but in this city of trendsetters there is plenty of opportunity to be creative and invent a new style.

Sports Journalist
No other city in the world can claim to host as many world class sporting fixtures as Melbourne, so if your job is to cover the action, you are going to be busy. No matter what time of year, there is always a major championship of some sort. Meeting people from all over the world as part of your job makes this one of the most interesting professions on offer.

This picturesque city has endless opportunities for the professional photographer. With endless sport fixtures, touring rock bands, political demonstrations as well as everyday life in the city and the drama that goes along with it, every day in this job is an interesting and exciting one.

If designing buildings is your job, where better to be than a city where people aren’t afraid of change, like Melbourne. From the skyline of the city to the interiors of people’s homes, people living here are always looking for ways to reinvent themselves, so the job of the architect in such a city will never be boring.

The weather in this city is far from static, so if it’s your job to study it, it’ll keep you on your toes. The weather here can go through all four seasons in a matter of hours, so keeping on top of what’s happening will certainly maintain your interest.

Melbourne is the kind of city where every day can be exciting. If you can score one of these amazing jobs, you won’t have to wait till the end of the week to find some fun!

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