Jun 15, 2012

Sky Watch : Hill View

The view captured when I visited my husband’s home town. The telecommunication towers seemed annoying the natural landscape, but can’t we avoid their presence, as we need to communicate well anywhere? These towers belong to different mobile telecommunication provider companies.

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thomas June 15, 2012  

Nice view from up the hill,
towers are everywhere until a better way of communicating is found.

NatureStop June 15, 2012  

Nice view indeed. Have a great weekend!


Luna Miranda June 15, 2012  

telco towers are all over here, too--they have become a necessity. beautiful vegetation.

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment June 15, 2012  

The countryside seems nice and lush. Maybe they should paint the towers green if they aren't a hazard to planes.

Kerri Farley June 15, 2012  


Carver June 15, 2012  

Beautiful! I love the clouds above the mountains. Lovely scenery.

Shilpa June 15, 2012  

These towers changes the views of landscapes... they are plenty here in our areas too.
Beautiful pictures! I liked the clouds above the mountains .

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