Jan 22, 2013

10 Things You should Look for in a Partner

When it comes to finding that special someone, we all have different ideas about what makes the perfect partner. Yet despite our varied priorities there are a few key qualities that help to determine the success of a relationship.

So, whether you’re looking for tall dark and handsome or something else entirely, first make sure that you can tick these things off the list. 

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1.       Trustworthiness

No relationship can survive without trust. It’s the bedrock that holds a couple together and sees them through the good times and the bad. 

2.       Communication skills

It’s absolutely vital that you feel you can talk to your partner about anything. Whether it’s your hopes and aspirations or just a chat about the weather, a good partner is someone you can chat to and really get any niggling problems off your chest.

The stress and nerves of a first date can sometimes make holding a great conversation quite tricky. It’s for this reason that countless people have started looking for a more simple and stress-free way to get to know one another. Online relationship sites, like the dating website: eHarmony.com.au, are an excellent way of putting the emphasis back on personality and great conversation skills. 

3.       Shared core values

Any successful relationship starts with some shared values and attitudes. These can be political or spiritual, or can also be things like your approachto conflict resolution or romance.

4.       A sense of humour

Every relationship will go through tough times at some stage. It’s important to find someone who can always make you smile.

5.       Flexibility

There needs to be some give and take for any relationship to work. A great partner needs to be flexible and open to your ideas and interests.

6. Shared interests

Supporting the same football team isn’t always a recipe for success. But you do need some activities you can enjoy together – even if it’s just reading the paper on a lazy weekend. 
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7.        Attraction

You might not be on the prowl for the next Brad Pitt, but chemistry and intimacy do rest on attraction. Remember, attraction doesn’t need to just mean physical traits, a great sense of humour and keen intelligence are both attractive qualities.

8.        Be willing to make time for you

In today’s hectic lifestyles, sometimes we have to work hard to make time for our relationships. A good partner is someone who always puts quality time with their partner high on their agenda.

For any couples dating in Brisbane this could mean sharing a stroll along the local river, while Sydney couples should make the most of the beautiful beaches with a seaside date night.

9.        Respect

A great partner needs to demonstrate courtesy towards you and show respect for the way you live your life. However, respect is a quality that goes both ways. The right partner will always be someone who shows a strong sense of integrity and earns your respect for the way they live their life.  

10.  Selflessness

The mark of a good partner is someone who is willing to put the important people in their life before them. This applies to their girlfriend, as well as their family, friends and loved ones. Knowing that your partner is selflessness enough to put you first in times of need is an essential quality for long lasting happiness.

If you’re struggling to find the person who ticks all of the right boxes, why not check out the success that many couples find with online dating? To learn more simply visit the eHarmony Australia Google+ page. 

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