Jan 19, 2013

Flower of a Weed

 Captured on a grass field.  Small, wild yet pretty enough.

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DeniseinVA January 20, 2013  

It's a beauty Lina, bright and sunny and cheerful. Thanks for sharing!

Luna Miranda January 20, 2013  

i have photos of this wildflower, too.:p it's tiny and pretty.:p

Self Sagacity January 20, 2013  

Even weed flowers are interesting and beautiful

Anonymous January 20, 2013  

Such a pretty little flower!!

Carver January 21, 2013  

That's a lovely flower.

Judy January 21, 2013  

I love the shape of the petals!! Unique!!

A Colorful World January 21, 2013  

t's very pretty.

Anonymous January 21, 2013  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
florist January 31, 2013  

Nice. Thanks for the blog and the details provided thereby

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