Jan 30, 2013

DIY Hair Extensions in 6 Easy Steps

Hair extensions make you feel like Rapunzel. However, you have heard that if you do not wear them properly you can experience embarrassing moments when it slips out of your hair. This, however, doesn’t mean that you have to run to your stylist every time you want to use hair extensions. Here are six steps that will help you clip your extensions securely on your hair –

  1. Buy A Hair Extension From The Market With Clips On It
When you go to buy the hair extension, make sure that it looks similar to your natural hair in colour and texture. This will help the extension to blend in with your hair. See whether the hair weft has clips, if not, you can buy the clips separately and ask your tailor to stitch it on the two sides and the middle of the hair weft.

  1. Separate Your Hair Into Two Parts
When you are going to attach your hair extension brush your hair nicely and separate it into two sections. Start from the temple and draw a line to the other side of the face. Pull up one section of hair on top and clip it. Brush and even out the lower section.

  1. Tease You Hair Before Securing The Clip
The clips on the hair extension may slip out if your hair is too smooth or thin. You should therefore take a teasing brush and tease the root of the hair on the first layer of the lower section. This is the section where you will clip on your extension. Teasing the hair gives it a texture and this helps the clips to be secured properly. There is no need to tease the whole section. Tease one inch section on either side of the ears and one inch section in the centre.

  1. Place The Hair Extension Carefully And Clip It
Take the hair extension and carefully place it on the lower section of the hair. If you are unsure about this yourself, ask someone to help you out. Make sure that the clips are all open. Line the upper portion of the extension with the upper portion of the lower section and close the clips. You will feel and hear a click as the clips are secured. Move from one side to the other.

  1. Open The Upper Portion Of Your Hair And Blend The Extension
Once you have secured the hair extension tautly and have closed all the clips, open the upper portion of the hair that you had secured with a clip. Use your fingers to gently blend the hair with the extension. Shake your hair out and see that no portion of the hair is tucked in.

  1. Style Your Hair
Once you have secured the hair extension style the hair so that the hair extension and your natural hair look similar.

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