Jan 14, 2013

Promoting Proper Dental Care among Children

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Dental care is very important and has to start with young children to ensure that their oral health is established early and sustained as they mature. There is serious concern about maintenance of good oral hygiene, as studies have shown that bacteria from cavities may cause internal diseases such as heart ailment. Medical practitioners do agree that even other health issues such as cancer and kidney disease can be triggered by poor oral condition.

Overall Oral Health
Dental health is gauged by the overall state of your teeth, gums and tongue. Dentists Montreal certainly can tell through quick examination if a person knows how to take care of his teeth and gums. The primary indication that your gums are healthy is its pinkish color. Gums are supposed to hold the teeth together; hence, they are as important as the teeth are. Strong gums do not bleed easily, so if you experience gum bleeding you must consult your dentist immediately. Although it is normal sometimes for gums to bleed when you brush your teeth vigorously, it is unusual for gums to just suddenly ooze with blood for no reason at all.

Dentists Montreal emphasize that the tongue must also be given equal importance because it can be a breeding place for bacteria. To prevent this from happening, you must gently brush the tongue using a brush with special bristles. The use of antiseptic or gargle is an effective way to get rid of harmful germs inside the mouth. 

Personal Dentist
There is a big advantage if you have a personal dentist who regularly checks your dental condition. With a regular dentist for the family you are able to establish trust and confidence with the children so that they do not develop fear during visits to the dentist. Dentists Montreal suggest that the best time to bring kids for dental check-ups or treatments is during mornings. It has been explained that at such time children are more responsive and in a good mood because they still have their energy bursting in them. As such, the whole day is ahead of them and they can be coaxed more easily to get into the dentist’s chair for dental work.

Most people maintain their own family dentists for the purpose of retaining consistency in their dental records. Incidentally, dental offices offer common services such as dental hygiene, preventive care, esthetic restorations, cosmetic dentistry, endodontics, oral surgery, treatment of gum disease and prosthodontics. To give assistance to urgent cases, most Dentists Montreal are open for emergencies.

Dental Check Up at Early Age
Experienced dentists advise parents to bring their babies for dental check-ups at the age of one year so that the growth of their baby teeth will be monitored from the time they start erupting up to when they fully come out. Tooth decay in infants is very common, especially because milk teeth are very tender. With constant sucking on feeding bottles and eating sugary foods, infants develop cavities quickly. Parents must know that the health of a child’s adult teeth depends largely on how his baby teeth were formed and taken care of. 

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