Jan 30, 2013

Marketing Advice for Wedding Planners

Whether or not you've ever been married yourself, you need to remember you're helping organise the biggest day of a couple's lives if you are a wedding planner. As obvious as that sounds, the vast sums of money that are splashed out on weddings means it's quite understandable that grooms and brides-to-be want to ensure the planner they hire will make all their dreams for their big day become reality. So, how do you convince couples to hire you?

Attend wedding shows
Although it's increasingly possible to order/pay for many aspects of a wedding online or over the phone, many brides will attend at least one trade show in the build-up to their big day and, as these exhibitions provide a great opportunity for you to promote your business, you should take full advantage of them.

It's worth remembering competition for business at these events is likely to be fierce, so you need to ensure your stall stands out from the rest. Having colourful, eye-catching banners and posters is one way you can do this, while playing up-tempo music can help create a buzz.

Of course, picking a wedding planner is a fairly big decision for any couple to make - it's unlikely to be done on the spur of the moment - so you should be aware that any potential customers who come to your stall are likely want to spend some time thinking about who to hire. This means you need to be patient and understanding with all those who visit your desk, as well as being ready to answer any difficult questions. People can often become very demanding when organising their wedding, so being calm and composed at all times is likely to create a good impression among stressed out brides.

You can also encourage visitors to your stall to choose you by providing them with promotional memory sticks. While the fact you're giving away free gifts will appeal to would-be customers - according to the British Promotional Merchandise Association, four-fifths of people receiving such items claim they are likely to do business with the organisation that distributed them - such items also provide a chance to promote your wedding planning business.

Uploading pictures highlighting every aspect of previous clients' big days - from images of the cake to the reception venue - on to these items will show new customers the quality and range of services you offer.
You should also make sure your contact details are visibly printed on the USB sticks that you distribute, so recipients can quickly get in touch once they have decided they want you to help them organise their wedding.

Carve a niche for yourself
Although you may initially want your business to target all those who are getting married, it is worth remembering that competition in the industry is tough, especially if you're just starting out. Rather than trying to spread yourself too thin, it's worth focusing on a particular market - be it Asian weddings or ceremonies that take place overseas - and ensuring that you're the 'go-to' planner in your area.

In doing so, you should make certain every aspect of your brand - from your business cards to stationery - highlights the fact you can help couples who have particular requirements for their big day.

If you're a wedding planner, what steps are you taking to publicise your business? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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