Jan 31, 2013

Top Wedding Decoration Themes - Easily Make Your Own Decorations for Cheap!

Wedding is one of the best and the happiest occasions that occur in every one’s life. To make it a remarkable memory in your life, all you need to do is take care of the decoration in a very special way, as it plays a vital role. This can only happen when you plan in a way that allows your decorations to look great,yet be inexpensive.

Here are various themes that you can use at the time of weddings:-


These are great items that help a wedding look colourful and bright. They come in different colours and sizes. You can either blow them by mouth or can pump air into them with a filling machine. Before doing this, you need to decide the place to position of the balloons.
You can either arrange the monthe marriage dais, at the reception, at your home or all of the above. After the planning is done, see that the selection of the balloons goes with the theme of your wedding and even with the bridesmaid dresses. Red, pink, yellow are common colours found at weddings, but white is the most preferred colour, as it gives a classy look to the function.

It looks very nice and pleasant when these balloons are decorated as an arch at the reception, especially at church. It spreads a kind of happiness to the ones who have come to wish the couple. This won’t cost you much. You can even decorate the tables, walls and the chairs by arranging the balloons in trios.

The combination of flowers along with balloons looks stunning, as they go together naturally. Instead of using more lights, it is always good to decorate with flowers, as they enhance the mood of the occasion. There are lots of varieties available in the market. Consult a florist for ideas.

Either you can explain the theme to him or provide him with a design. Ensure that the flowers are decorated along with balloons, or else it might look odd and spoil the entire decoration. These are slightly more expensive than balloons, but look fantastic at the chapel and at the reception too.

Decorate the wedding vehicle also, in a very special way, by using bright colors or light hues, depending on the colour of the car. Once you select the car, decorate it with flowers of different varieties, matching the wedding theme. Stick a bunch of flowers on the front and back, along with some green leaves between them. A lot of vendors are available in the market. Look for florist, who can provide you the best deals at no extra expense.

Of course big weddings need grand decorations. In case you feel that the expenses are beyond your budget, you can go for payment protection plan along with a personal loan to take care of your payments.You can get in touch with an advisor from the financial company to know about the costs & risks for further clarification.

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