Jan 24, 2013

Best 2013 Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Lady

Girls are complex creatures. One moment they’re happy, the next, they just seem to act out of this world. Guys have a hard time catching up with their moods, lest of all figure them out. Despite everything, they are the very beings men just can’t live without, quirkiness and all.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, you want to give the best gift to the special woman in your life. Problem is, this can be quite a daunting task for most men, if not all. What do women want? Good question. If you’re at a loss as to what to get for your girl, this article is ideal for you. Listed below are different gift ideas for different types of women. Read on and learn.

Career-Driven Girlfriends
Think of Anne Hathaway’s character, Andrea “Andy” Sachs, in The Devil Wears Prada. Career-driven girlfriends are always on the move, they are practically married to their work. Not one to be intimidated, these types of girlfriends would do the best they could to excel in their career. Mostly the independent types, career girlfriends are way too busy for their own good. They sometimes don’t have much time for themselves, or spend quality time with you. 

Best Valentine’s Day Gift:
·         Spa gift certificate to pamper and recharge her tired body
·         A relaxing dinner for two at fancy restaurant
·         A trendy corporate bag she can use for work

Dominating Girlfriends
If you have a dominating type of girlfriend, you are in for quite a ride, my friend. Ever watched the movie My Sassy Girl? This type of girlfriend suffers mood swings like, every 5 minutes. The slightest things can trigger a change of moods. However, she can also be sweet, loving or caring. 

Simply put, a dominating girlfriend is not someone for the faint-hearted guy. You have to love her truly to be able to stand her mood swings, her character or her eccentricity for that matter. Most of all, you must also be able to stand your ground if the situation calls for it, because, truth to say, this type of girlfriend can get overboard sometimes.

Best Valentine’s Day Gift:
·     Beautiful cubic zirconia rings along with a beautiful bouquet of flowers will let her know that she means the world to you. 
·         A charm bracelet will show her how you adore everything about her.

Happy-go-lucky girlfriends, also known as nice girlfriends, are quite a catch. Think of Rachel McAdams’ character, Allie Hamilton, in The Notebook. If you happen to snag one, then you are one lucky guy. Nice girlfriends, as opposed to dominating girlfriends, aren’t much of a headache. Easy to talk to and great companions, these types of girls are not so hard to please. Treat her nice, and she’ll give you the world.

Best Valentine’s Day Gift:
·         Concert ticket of her favorite artist.
·         A bottle of fancy perfume.

Adventurous Girlfriends
Adventurous girlfriends are the fun and active types. A tough cookie, they are born explorers and up for just about anything. Think of Michelle Rodriguez’s character in Fast and the Furious. She’s sexy, loving, but not someone to mess with. Adventurous girlfriends are perfect for carefree guys who want to explore life to the fullest

 Best Valentine’s Day Gift:
·         Get away trip for two will give you a chance to discover new places.
·         Sexy lingerie for a fun bedroom romp.

Not all women are the same, this is a given. Some are easy to please, others, on the other hand, are just plain frustrating to figure out. However, the secret to a woman’s happiness is pretty simple - you just need to know how to push the right button. This would require a bit of observation on your part, guys. Observe the little things that make her happy, things that truly interest her.  It may take quite an effort for some, but the result will all be worth it. Just imagine the feeling when you see her face light up and you can say to yourself,” Finally, I got it right!” So, good luck, amigos!

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