Jan 29, 2013

Go for Prada Bags to Make Yourself Attractive

Prada founded by Milan Prada in the year 1913, with the headquarters in Milan, Italy, exclusively specializes in luxury goods like for women and men (leather bags, leather accessories, shoes, hats, luggage, ready to wear). Initially the shop used to sell leather goods and imported English handbags and steamer trunks.

Prada’s authenticity made it more popular brand and it started gaining its potentiality from the year 1990. Prada also acquired its share in Gucci groups and it also involves in Gucci’s largest shareholders.

Prada bags are considered as the richness of materials. The regular used classic materials such as nylon, leather, calfskin, fox, fur, deerskin. Many new materials such as tortoise shells, woods, crystals are boldly used to make attractive and different bags. These kinds of trendy Prada bags are mostly used by the supermodels and divas. Prada bags are well known for its creative and unique designs. Prada bags are made from a world class style, for a world class community by world class artists. Prada bags are made of simple designs with trendy quality which gives it an amazing look. These bags never become out of style or out of quality as these are fashionable bags and one of the finest leading bags available in the market. Carrying a branded handbag especially in occasions like parties, weddings, shopping has enormously become a trend nowadays. Prada’s dedication to designing thoroughly modern, quirky and intellectually rigorous made the product look more marvelous and attracts the customer’s eyes. The exclusive colours the Prada handbags offers are absolutely amazing.

Prada Prices:
It is reported that Prada and shareholders of Prada have sold 423.3 million shares. It has been statistically found that the lowest price of the Prada bags starts from $ 200 and it can raise up to $2000 and above.

Types of Prada Handbags-
  • Barrel shaped or closed tube shaped bags
  • Baguette which is a narrow, small, rectangular shaped purse which resembles a small loaf of bread.
  • Bucket shaped, medium sized Prada bags.
  • Half moon shaped bag
  • Rectangular shaped, without handle evening bag

Thus Prada bags are very popular and demanding for women. Women are most sensitive and fascinated towards the Prada bags.

The various types the Prada bags gain its more popularity. Its most common among the fashion world, wherein many models and actresses are seen to be using Prada collections. They use all the eye-catching Prada bags (borse prada) which thus attract the viewer's eyes.

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