Jan 30, 2013

Futuristic Approach to Business

Internet solutions should be chosen to suit the needs of business owners, which allow the business enterprises to concentrate on other aspects of their business, without bothering about the business communication needs arising in daily course of activities. Telecommunication solutions are available for every size of company, which may be categorized as follow:

Micro-enterprises: The micro-enterprises are defined as the shops, offices, or public buildings with PBX not manned by staff. The telecom service allows such organizations or the micro-enterprises to have Internet access using fiber optic technology and ADSL.

Small and Medium Enterprises: Small and medium enterprises are defined as the small offices, organizations, or businesses, which frequently use telephone lines. Internet offers are designed such as to allow these small and medium enterprises to maintain balanced connection with the Internet. The intelligent internet package uses optical fiber technologies. The business units with PBX phone lines are also connected to the voice.

Large companies: Telecom business offers for the large companies may include an array of solutions that provide internet access as well as a backup MPLS VPN. The telecom solutions are customized as per the individual requirements of every business, which ensure the availability of the best technology for the best price. The business customers are allowed to personalize the plans as per their needs and the telecommunications budget of their companies. The super surf offer for business users include: complete Fixed + Mobile + Internet along with the WiFi modem. The modem allows compatibility and connection with unlimited devices or applications. 

Internet is available in the mobile phone too with unlimited hours of access and usage for browsing. The fiber optic connection allows the speed of 10 Mbit / s for both uploading and downloading whereas those reached by ADSL FASTWEB have the benefit of higher speed with 20 Mbit / s for downloads and1 Mbit / s for uploads. An added feature is of unlimited public IP. Free unlimited calls free to fixed Phone across the nation with zero connection charges. Calls up to 60 min each month are allowed to all nationwide mobiles and unlimited calls to the mobile associated with the subscription. The plans allow users to get rid of the Telecom fee. Your calls for 600 min per month are free to all national numbers, whether fixed or mobile. 

The plan allows unlimited calls all FASTWEB mobile phones. You can send 600 SMSes per month to any national number. Internet Unlimited data traffic on national network. The company gives the exciting offer of availing a Smartphone at one Euro. In case if the user switches to the different service provider but keeps the existing number, Government Tax Concession is free for one year. The services from fastweb business solutions are reliable and complete, therefore suitably called the "Future of Business Communication".

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