Jan 1, 2013

The Red Restaurant Sign

I don’t know the meaning of Ah Poong word; but Pasar Apung means floating market. This place is not like a floating market in Thailand. It’s a name of a riverside restaurant that can be your favorite destination.
Captured from the river -while we're having a boat ride
 There’s only one boat that filled with fresh fruits. I forgot to ask if the fruits are for sale or not. I saw nobody bought any fruit on the boat, but many visitors love to capture the boat and be taken pictures beside the boat.  I’ll share this boat in my next RT post.
Captured from the bridge

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Leovi January 01, 2013  

Yes, I love that restaurant, nice place.

Felisol January 02, 2013  

An interesting restaurant. I haven't seen it's like.
Good pictures too.

Patti January 02, 2013  

That looks like a nice restaurant to visit!

Thanks for stopping by to see my Ruby Tuesday post. ;-)

RNSANE January 02, 2013  

Looks like a nice place to eat. Too bad it's not in the San Francisco neighborhood.

My Ruby Tuesday 2 is at:


As The New Year Dawns, 2013

It seems to me the year goes by,
With such amazing speed,
The new year is upon us,
And the world is filled with need.

We make such strides in many ways,
Yet atrocities abound,
Wars rage on about the globe,
There seems no common ground.

Politicians promise many things,
That are forgotten through the year,
If there was just a single thing,
To which we‘d willingly adhere!

Resolutions come and go,
As fast as minutes on a clock,
And when a tragedy befalls our world,
We’re in a state of shock.

If only we would pause and think,
Each and every one,
Of ways to make life better,
Before the new year has begun.

Change has to start within,
With regard for our fellow man,
With our doing a little bit,
Each and every time we can.

Open up your hearts,
To those outside your sphere,
Every child and man and woman,
Could make a difference here.

For me, it’s been a special year,
In which my dreams came true,
I’ll cherish all the memories,
As I bid this year adieu.

I pray the year to come will hold,
Days full of joy and peace,
When people have enough to eat,
And wars will finally cease.

I wish you every happiness,
You help to make my life complete.
I hope before this new year ends,
We have a chance to meet.

Best wishes for love, health, success, happiness in 2013.

Carmen M. Henesy

Copyright (c) December 31, 2012 by Carmen Henesy
All rights reserved.

Chubskulit Rose January 02, 2013  

Could it be a last name?

New Year hopping from Ruby Tuesday
Here's my RUBY post.

PS. Hubby and I watched the movie Merantau last night with an english subtitle, we love it!

eden January 02, 2013  

Beautiful captures.

hospitality point of sale January 02, 2013  

Interesting place. Very nice restaurant to visit. Haven't seen one like that. Great pictures!

Liz January 02, 2013  

Wonderful pics Lina. Hope you had a wonderful New Year celebration. Wishing you all the best in 2013.

My entries:
Liz (mcn)
Liz (yacb)

Yoshi January 03, 2013  

It must be a very nice view to be at restaurant! Dishes must be yummy.
Thanks for sharing and best wishes.

Anonymous May 09, 2013  
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