Jan 13, 2013

Red Flower

It looks like a red ginger flower, but the leaves are totally different.  A kind of cactus flowers, perhaps. Anyone know?
Thanks to Guild-Rez, this flower is a kind of Aechmea Bromeliad.

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Anonymous January 13, 2013  

Lina your flower belongs to the group of aechmea bromeliads.
Nice picture!

Sara Chapman in Seattle USA January 14, 2013  

Love those bromeliads. Yours looks incandescent!

Anonymous January 14, 2013  

Glad you got the name...such a stunning bloom!

penyuluh perikanan January 14, 2013  

Aku lihat gambarnya ini bagus sekali, indah dan bersih

Carver January 14, 2013  

That's a beautiful red flower.

DeniseinVA January 14, 2013  

It's a real beauty, lovely photo! Thanks so much for sharing.

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