May 2, 2016 – Local Network IP Address

The is the default IP address highly used in the many home broadband routers and broadband modems as well. This type of IP address is commonly used to connect the following devices such as 3com office connect routers, Netopia internet gateways, Westell modems, Linksys managed switches, billion ADSL routers and many more. In these days, this particular IP address is widely used to set by the many manufacturers at the factory, which could be a default one so it allows the users to change it at any point of time according to their needs.

When you go into this default IP address, first of all you have to enter into the web browser’s address bar, which enables the user to access the router’s console. Actually, IP address is one of the private internet protocol network addresses, which can be used in only one device at a time on the local network. It can be used to set only in the local network and cannot be used in the public in order to avoid the internet protocol address conflicts. By using this IP address, you can change the settings in the wireless router and the panel management address.
How to set up a router using

Today, most of the network companies are using the default internet protocol address in the production of their wireless router devices. Basically, it is very simple and easy to administer the software installs. These manufacturing companies can use the default IP address in the software application on the internet link, which provide access to the users in order to make some changes in the settings when the problem occurs. When you want to access to the wireless router device, you need to enter the following IP address such as in the electronic network. Once you have entered this address, you are able to make changes in the following settings that include,
·         WLAN settings
·         DNS
·         Proxy
·         LAN
·         WAN
·         DHCP client
·         MAC
·         DSL
·         PPPOE
·         DSL
·         WPS
·         IP Qos
·         Network management
·         Security options
·         Router software

In addition to, you can also make some modifications in the internet protocol address blocking as well as in other adjustments. To achieve your wireless user interface in the router, initially you have to enter the address into the web address bar or you can copy and paste this address to log into the site. Finally, you have the direct access to login button and make some modifications more efficiently.

Common usage of default IP

Normally, one of the IP addresses belongs to the private, which does not allow the external address to access the router devices that are located outside of the network. Once you log into the browser’s address, you should enter the specific username and password and have access to the network device.
Useful site for this IP address :

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