May 24, 2016

A Guide To Learn All About The Various Types of Stanchions And Retractable Barriers

When you want to ensure the security of your house, or business or elsewhere, you will need the right type of retractable belt barriers and control stanchions. They are ideal for secure checkpoints, regulation of foot traffic and much more. However, since there are different types of belt barriers and stanchions available in the market, choosing the right fit is very difficult.

In this article, we are sharing a small guide that will help you understand the type of barriers.

Portable Stanchions with Retractable Belt
It includes base stanchion and a post with cassette bar on the top. It is mainly made of metal with few plastic parts added to it. These types of posts are durable, portable, and also attractive. You can easily reconfigure these without any hassle. This type of barrier is great for an area where crowd control plan needs to be changed instantly to accommodate smaller and larger crowd with a temporary set up.

Dual Line Stanchions with Belt Barriers
Dual Line is one another retractable stanchion and is also similar to portable ones. However, there is a small difference, these have a added feature of secondary belt half way down the pole. If you want to make barrier bit more substantial, this will provide added security. It works well for that area where young children stroll and their height can allow them to pass through the single belt.

Removable and Fixed Posts
Fixed posts are secured directly into the ground. Sometimes a socket is fixed into the ground where a post can be installed or removed. These are designed for the area having permanent crowd control requirement and where no constant refiguring is not required. Since they are not portable, their stationery nature helps in making a more secure area with the lesser chances of disturbance.

Extra Long Belt Barriers
This type of barriers consists of large cassettes that include belts up to 65 feet. To direct the traffic over a long distance with fewer turns and twists, extra long belt barriers eliminate the need for a large number of stanchions. These posts are widely used in warehouses and airport runways.

Wall-Mount Barriers
These barriers consist of only belt cassettes along with wall attachments. They make use of velcro, screws, hose clamps and suction cups to give you more mounting options. They are usually required at narrow hallways, store aisles, warehouses, cash register lanes, etc.

While many retractable barriers are used temporarily in the indoor settings, some posts are specially designed to handle outdoor areas. Such posts need to be portable and durable enough to stand up for changing weather, stable to stay on the ground, visible enough to be seen in low and dark visibility solutions.

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