May 23, 2016


Every girl had some struggles with her hair. Check out these tips on how to avoid these struggles in your life!
1. Use A Cotton T-Shirt To Dry Your Hair
Even the softest towels can be too coarse for your hair resulting in additional damage. Buy cotton towels or simply use a cotton T-Shirt to pat your hair gently. Don't rub it. Friction will damage your hair, make it brittle, and increase the chances of getting split ends faster.

2. Hairspray The Hair Underneath
Flipping your hair upside down and spraying the area at the back of your head can help you to add some volume to your curls; at the same time, it can potentially help them to stay in shape longer and look a little bit fuller. Use a small amount of spray and shake out your hair. Repeat the same process several times for better results.

3. Use Dry Shampoo The Night Before
This way you can be sure it fully absorbs the excessive oils from your scalp without having to worry about white streaks all over your hair. You'll be able to brush out the left over whiteness in the morning without a rush. Spraying your hair in the evening will also help you to get some additional volume since you are going to be laying down and your hair will not be weighted down for several hours.
4. Wash Your Hair With Cold Water
This little trick is rather uncomfortable though useful. Rinsing your hair with cold water will seal the hairs and keep moisture in them as well as reduce the bleeding of the color on dyed hair. It will also give an extra shine without having to go to a Prestige Beauty Salon!

5. Moisturize Before Washing Your Hair
Apply an ample amount of conditioner an hour before washing your hair to deep condition it and give extra nourishment.

Make sure you remember these pieces of advice never to have hair problems in the future!
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