May 30, 2016

Essential Items in Your Natural First Aid Kit

Medical emergencies could be occurring anytime and anywhere. If you have the correct items in your first-aid box, these issues could become far less hazardous. Everyone must carry a travel first-aid kit if you are on the move. It should include necessary items to manage sudden accidents that may occur while camping, or traveling in a car abroad. A typical first-aid box should essentially have an alcohol-free super-effective cleansing wipe to control infection. A foil blanket should be in your travel first-aid kit to safeguard you against hypothermia. In many cases, you may fall sick and it would surely necessitate medical intervention and attention. However, timely first-aid assistance and care could save precious lives by minimizing the immediate danger or hazard for less serious injuries. You must use a natural first-aid kit for best results.
Compulsory Items in a First-aid Kit

An Herbal First Aid Kit should be containing some of the following essential items so that health issues could be tackled almost immediately and effectively.

Arnica Gel – Arnica is actually an aromatic plant that has been conventionally used for treating wounds and bruises. You could apply arnica gel whenever you experience aches, pains, bruises or sprains. It should be applied on the affected area as many as six times daily for best results. You would surely be experiencing the rapid action and quick relief. The effective pain-relieving properties and quick bruise-healing properties make arnica the best choice for administering first-aid to bruises and wounds.

Activated Charcoal Capsules – These are supposed to be an effective natural remedy used frequently for alleviating food poisoning issues, tummy bags and as a detox. For treating a food poisoning case effectively, you must empty the contents of activated charcoal capsules. It would almost be a tablespoonful of charcoal powder. Mix it thoroughly with some water and then gulp it down. You could also use dry bentonite clay along with activated charcoal and simply by adding water you would get a smooth paste. You could use this effective paste to treat blemishes and bug bites.

Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera gel is pretty effective in soothing your irritated skin, burns, insect bites, cuts, scrapes, and sunburns.  Aloe is chiefly used as a pain reducer since it has analgesic properties. You could buy products containing aloe for effective treatment of scrapes and sunburn. Nothing could be working better than Aloe Vera gel that is extracted from right inside the plant. Aloe Vera is excellent for wound healing and treating inflammation. The results seem to be pretty promising.

Hydrated Clay – You must stock Hydrated Redmond Clay and dry Redmond Clay in your natural first-aid kit. The Hydrated Clay is excellent for immediate and positive results in case of bug bites. It could be applied directly on the affected area so that the venom could be drawn out. It is effective as a mask or spot treatment for acne. Hydrated clay can even help stop the bleeding of lips etc.

Calendula –Use calendula, a soothing and healing herb along with beeswax, olive oil, and non-GMO vitamin E. This smooth and silky paste could be applied to burns, cuts, bruises, scars and dry skin. It helps to soothe dry skin and is excellent for rashes, eczema, and hives.

Epsom Salt – Epsom salt baths are a great natural remedy for alleviating sore muscles. You could add one to two cups of Epsom salt to your warm bath to get relief from sore muscles. It could be used for getting rid of splinters and it is also a good laxative.

Essential Oils – Always include essential oils such as lavender oil and frankincense oil in your natural first-aid kit. Both these essential oils when diluted with some carrier oil seem to be super-effective and prove to be healing for many skin issues and bug bites or stings.

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