May 27, 2016

Want to have the best sunglasses but can't choose ones? Learn easy and fast ways to find an eyewear of your dreams!

1. Consider facial features
Since you wear sunglasses on your face, it’s a good idea to take your facial features into consideration. Suitable custom glasses will make you look like a goddess! It’s important to find a shape, which will deflect attention from negative sides and accentuate your positive sides.

2. Forget about price tags
If you want to find the best pair of sunglasses, you should forget about the price tags. Prices and brands can be so decisive – you have no idea! Sometimes not very expensive sunglasses are definitely a better choice than an accessory, which costs a whole fortune!
3. Choose suitable color
You should do serious thinking when it comes to the color of lenses. It’s important because a color of your lenses affects the way you percept different colors around you. Brown, gray, and green are the best choice for everyday use. If you purchase custom glasses, you can also choose the color of frames!

4. Follow modern trends
If you’re the kind of girl, who likes to follow fashion, then you should look for the latest trends in sunglasses industry. This year you should give your preference to oversized and cat eye sunglasses. If these shapes don’t suit your face shape, you can go for already traditional aviators, which seem to look perfect on everyone!

5. Look for strong protection
It’s important to remember that sunglasses aren’t just an accessory! Sunglasses were initially created to shield your eyes from UV rays and protect your vision from health problems. That’s why you should always look for 99-100% protection from harmful sun rays when choosing your eyewear.

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