May 15, 2016

Get To Know About Best Fast Food Joints in India

No matter how small a place is and wherever you are living in, there is a good chance that there will a fast food joint near your corner. Since McDonalds have started their business in India and has served the millions, fast food has changed the eating habits of the Indians. According to the recent statistics, an average Indian spends about 1/6th of their salary on fast foods.

Needless to say, they are spending more on take outs and when they are hanging out. In addition to it, recent studies have mentioned that India ranks 4th in dependence on fast foods. Therefore, you can understand how much people are inclined to the consumption of these foods. Needless to say, even fast foods are changing the concept of people. Now, they are giving healthier options with low fat food menus.
Let us check what the best fast food joints are: 

It is considered to be the healthiest fast food chain. This brand provides fresh green vegetables, wholesome bread options and lean protein. Whether you are eating ham, turkey, and tuna or chicken everything is grilled, slow cooked or roasted. Therefore, it preserves the freshness of the food.

However, to pace up with the Indian food habits, subway also offers spicy chicken balls options. Even you are having it; you will find the awkward oiliness. This is because subway gives 360 degree healthier and tastier food options. Regardless of the fact that it is a fast food joint, you can munch on their salads at any time of the day.

With Subway pacing up, how McDonalds can be left behind. McDonalds is always considered the best among the Indian population. Everyone loves burger because it is a complete food. Additionally, McDonalds burger prices are relatively lower than any other fast food retailers. But, they do not compromise on the food quality.

The reason why people still loves it because they have not faced any health problems after eating from McDonalds. McDonalds also gives a large variety of burger options. There are medium sized burger for light meal and double deck burgers for heavy meal. You can choose according to your requirements. Moreover, you can also choose the low food dressing options.

Jamba Juice Café
This is purely a juice café where you can get all sorts of juices extracted from vegetables and fruits. You can also get milkshakes and juice blends. Juices are best of all time. It does not add to the calorie count of your daily intake and at the same time quenches the thirst. Juice bars are gaining popularity among the Indians day by day, because people are becoming fitness conscious slowly.

Au Bon Pain
Au Bon Pain offers numerous healthy food options with the ultimate nutritional value. They always display the nutritional intake on their kiosk. Their transparent marketing tactics help people to decide what to have. They offer special chef sandwich which is not more than 600 calories and the salads calorie count varies with the portions. As good as it sounds; it is the premium salad centre of fitness enthusiasts.

Wow! Momo
This is very popular among all the Indians. Wow! Momo is national fast food joint. They serve all types of freshly prepared momos, from steamed to pan fried. They offer a variety of momos like chicken momo, prawn momo and fish momo. You can have a complete meal as well if you are ordering thukpa along with momo. Keeping in mind the burger craze in Indians, they are also selling momo burger.

Time has changed. The term fast food is not considered to be fat food anymore. Healthy food joints are providing healthy food and snack options for us. However, always check the nutritional value before eating.

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