May 31, 2016

Easy hairstyle to make in 5 minutes

Time, time, time… we all are always in a hurry and have no time to make a beautiful hairstyle or makeup. Life in a big city dictates its own rules, and we supposed to follow them.  Every woman wants to look beautiful day after day and spend minimum time and efforts on it. Unfortunately, we are not magicians, so everyday morning routine takes a lot of time. To ease your life, our professionals at Hair Salon in Midtown NYC have created incredibly easy and stylish hairstyle every woman can recreate at home. Cool, textured ponytail will strike everybody around, so don’t waste your time and try it now!
Step #1 Texturizing
Nobody wants to have a skinny, thin, and sleek ponytail on your head. To avoid such problem, you are to use a special texturizing spray to create a volume and appropriate structure for a future hairstyle.

Step #2 Modeling
Grab some sculpting paste or pomade and work it through your roots to create a beautiful hair shape.

Step #3 Styling
Make a low, but a tight ponytail.  It will serve as a strong fundament for future braid.  Don’t let any strand to fall out while you are braiding. Secure what you have made with elastics.

Step #4 Securing
Add a smoothing cream or mousse to your braid for preventing spiky strands.  It will also add beautiful shine to your hair.

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