May 7, 2016

Phenibut - Effective Anxiolytic to Get Rid Of Stress and Anxiety

Although Phenibut is not a nootropic, it is a highly effective anxiolytic, which acts on GABA neurotransmitter and helps to reduce stress and anxiety. This anti-anxiety supplement assists professionals and students in completing their activities and tasks without any tension and apprehension.

Phenibut works extremely well when it is stacked with nootropics. When combined with a nootropic, Phenibut not only reduces stress, but also promotes sleep and decreases the amount of corticosteroids. It is an excellent option for handing stressful times and improving cognitive performance simultaneously.

Phenibut activates GABA receptors instead of amplifying their signals, so it’s known as agonist and not a positive allosteric regulator. This property makes Phenibut relatively safer and very less addictive in comparison to other supplements. 

Proper use of Phenibut ensures that there will be no side-effects and tolerance is reduced. Consecutive usage of Phenibut in high dosages is not recommended as it can quickly lead to tolerance. Moderation is the best way to use Phenibut and refrain yourself from using it on a regular basis as a sleeping aid or an anxiolytic.

The perfect consumption method for Phenibut is to take it in on and off cycle. You should use it for few days and then avoid it for some days. This way you can use this supplement for a longer duration without worrying about tolerance. You should consume Phenibut for maximum 3 days per week and take proper gaps between the doses. Conversely, you can take Phenibut for 1 week and then, avoid it for 1-2 weeks in order to reduce the tolerance. 

Recommended dosage
Phenibut is capable of passing through the blood barrier that guards a human brain. It was created in the country of Soviet Union in 1960s and since then, this supplement has fulfilled various medical purposes in the state. It is a popular anxiolytic, muscle relaxant, hypnotic and sedative. Nevertheless, Phenibut’s effects depend upon the amount of dosage taken by a consumer. Lower dosage, such as 500 to 750 mg, leads to muscle relaxing and anxiolytic effects.

However, it all depends upon the sensitivity of an individual towards Phenibut. The recommended dosage is 250 mg per day and has to be taken 1-2 times per day. In case of very low sensitivity, people can take about 1500 mg in a day. Make sure that you buy from phenibut only after finalizing your dosage based on doctor’s prescription.

Phenibut has mild to negligible side-effects, when taken properly. However, due to its extremely strong nature, it’s important to take precautions every once in a while. Some of the useful precautions are listed below:

·         Avoid higher dosage.
·         Don’t drive your vehicle or operate a machine after the consumption of Phenibut.
·         Don’t mix Phenibut with benzodiazepine, alcohol, coffee and other GABAergics.
·         Avoid re-dosing and be patient after consuming Phenibut as it takes 2 to 4 hours to come into effect. If you want the best results, take Phenibut when your stomach is empty.
·         Don’t mix Phenibut with sleeping aids or anti-depressants.

Lastly, ask for professional medical guidance before taking Phenibut or combining it with other supplements. In case you are suffering from temporary insomnia, stress or anxiety, Phenibut is an excellent choice. Strategic use of Phenibut is of utmost importance here. If you use it properly, it will not only reduce anxiety, but also improve your mood and sociability. 

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