May 15, 2016

What Settings Should I Change on My Wi-Fi Router?

In order to hook up to the internet you can't do this without using a wireless router. Different internet service provides supply various types of wireless routers. One of more systems connects using a wireless router device. Routers primarily help out with diverting the traffic from one source to destination. The router exists to send and receive data packets through the computer network.

What types of wireless routers do we have

The kinds of routers on the market depend mostly on the fact if you have used at home or at work. It can be used mostly to gain access to different type of information such as web content, online videos, files or simple data between a varieties of devices connected in a single network. Most often, DSL modems are widely used to assist us hook up to the World Wide Web. The very best form of network system that can help us connect with the Web are those connecting over high-speed optical fiber lines There are many software and hardware based routers.
Wireless router connections

Dynamic routing protocol allows us to exchange data between router and various devices which have been in the same network. There are various interfaces where routers are usually configured. The different techniques include running a communication protocol that includes a firmware and also specializes in enabling the exchange of data packages from one particular place to another.

Step-by-step tutorial on the way to find the wireless router IP address

As you already know, almost certainly the default IP of your wireless router is In order to get the wireless router and its settings, you need to look at the default IP of your wireless router. Once you know and can get the IP address of your wireless router or set up its settings page, you should first access the router. Thanks to the Default IP, in this situation, you will gain access to the router administration page momentarily. You can consider IP address of your wireless router can also be regarded as the Gateway IP of your Ethernet adaptor of your networking system at the same time. In order to connect to the World Wide Web, you have to pick which IP type you intend to use initially. Among the critical factors you must make before configuring your router or its settings is ensure your computer system is connected to the router using either an Ethernet cable or wirelessly. Usually Ethernet connectivity is maintained.

How to find the IP with the assistance of the Control Panel

The simplest ways to get the default ip of your router is to check out the network connectivity. Go through next guidelines on how to find the router IP
1.   Look at the Network and Sharing Center.
2.   Once there, look at the "Wireless Network Connections". Right-click it and you will view the Wireless Network Connection status
3.   Underneath the above window opened up recently, just be sure you could see the Connection status. Under the connection status, select “Details”.
4.   Once you click it you'll see the IPv4 status. Most likely there'll be the following IP to be a Default gateway.Take advantage of the Command Prompt to find the wireless router IP address
5.   Start the Command prompt.
6.   After you have the access of command prompt, you need to enter the command ipconfig/all. When you type the command line click the Enter key on your keyboard.
7.   In the info which is listed look for the Default Gateway.
Finding the default IP of your wireless router is quite easy. Nevertheless, there are few things you need to be sure that you bear in mind before examining these options.

Last Words

Routers are definitely most valuable pieces of equipment that can help us getting linked to the world-wide-web. You can configure your router in a number of different ways, according to what you need. There are many different routers available today, and the setup mainly depends upon the manufacturer and type. In this post we have talked about two of the simplest ways to find your wireless router IP.

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